"Pension risk transfer transactions exemplify our capabilities, culture of multi-disciplinary collaboration, and financial strength. It’s not only about pricing. It’s about the confidence a client has in a high-quality close and execution, and doing it on a timely basis. We have very good marks for this in the industry. I doubt that any other insurer has started as early or invested as heavily as we have in this area. . . it involves risks that we know and manage well."

— John R. Strangfeld, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Financial, Inc.


You can be assured that Prudential’s foremost objective is to help individuals and institutions achieve financial security and peace of mind—it is at the very heart of our philosophy. We have a proven track record of ensuring that pension plan sponsors and their participants have an extraordinary experience every step of the way.   

In 1928, Prudential completed a pension buy-out transaction with the Cleveland Public Library. In 2013, we celebrated the 85th anniversary of that transaction, with six of the original retirees still receiving pension payments. Jeannette Eckert is one of them. This is her story.

Story of Jeannette Eckert

In 2012, Prudential assumed benefit payments for approximately 110,000 participants in the General Motors Retirement Program for Salaried Employees. Martin Darvick is one of those participants, and this is his story.

Story of Martin Darvick

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