About Prudential De-Risking Strategies

To combat increasing costs and risks, and to manage financial volatility, plan sponsors are pursuing a variety of de-risking strategies for their retirement benefit obligations, including pensions and retiree medical plans. Explore these solutions and related information below.

Pension De-risking

Liability-driven investing

Retiree buy-outs 

Longevity insurance and reinsurance 

Retiree Medical De-risking

Faced with risk exposure, rising costs and complex healthcare options, plan sponsors are looking for solutions to help them manage their retiree medical obligations without negatively impacting healthcare quality or retiree experience. Like pensions, retiree medical benefits are long-term promises that retirees expect and count on. At the same time, they impose a large open-ended liability on a plan sponsor’s balance sheet. But for many companies and private sector entities, continuing to offer retiree healthcare coverage is a longstanding tradition and moral obligation, and reducing or eliminating these benefits is not an option.


We work closely with our plan sponsors and counterparties to understand the unique nature of each company's plans, participants and priorities. Prudential does not simply offer products, rather, we design customized solutions developed to solve each customer’s unique needs.

Pension Buy-outs

Traditional Buy-out

Portfolio Protected Buy-out

Pension Buy-in

Portfolio Protected Buy-in

Retiree Medical Risk Transfer

Retiree Medical Buy-in

Longevity Risk Transfer

Longevity Reinsurance

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