United as a Team

A Case Study of Prudential’s Pension Risk Transfer Business

In transforming the pension risk transfer market, there's an important intangible that our team has carefully cultivated since long before it was fashionable. Our secret is diversity and inclusion. Too often today, the focus on diversity is narrowly defined and its value is underappreciated or unknown. When fully incorporated into business practices and talent management, diversity can unleash the right climate for inclusion. Together, diversity and inclusion have allowed us to transform the industry by creating the necessary conditions for innovation and risk management in an engaging environment that's better for our employees, customers and shareholders. Our financial strength and capital have been fundamental to our success, but what is unique to Prudential is the quality of our people. And our success proves that what is right for our people is nothing short of fantastic for the bottom line.

Read our article, published in the August/September issue of The Actuary.




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