Pension De-Risking

August 2017

De-risking Now May Be Less Taxing Than in the Future

A lower corporate tax rate, repatriation of overseas earnings and limiting or eliminating the interest expense deduction all could have a profound impact on pension plans if tax reform is enacted. Plan sponsors may have a unique opportunity now to fund pension plans and reduce PBGC expenses.

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Pending Mortality Change Will Increase Pension Costs

Plan sponsors are on alert over pending IRS regulations that will update the mortality basis for minimum funding and PBGC premium purposes. The Society of Actuaries recently released a report which estimates the impact on plan funding and how these proposed changes will affect plan sponsors.

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Combining Strategies Attractive Option for Plan Sponsors

Increases in PBGC premiums have made reducing headcount a priority for some U.S. plan sponsors. However, this is not always a one-size-fits-all transaction. The best outcome may come from a combination of strategies.

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Data Spotlight

Corporate funded status volatility has been excruciating and expensive. In fact, companies have contributed $413 billion since 2007, yet funding status remains around 80%.

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